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Job Interviews: Who Needs Them?

How many times have you applied for a job, knowing that you had all the skills, all the experience, all the know-how to do the job with flying colours, only to have all that confidence fade away when it comes to the interview? The interview is your final step to employment, and potential employers take it very seriously.

But should they?

There are very few people among us who can say they’ve never come away from a job interview wondering if they’ve just sabotaged their own chances at employment. Job interviews are nerve-wracking, particularly for those who are shy or reserved. Even if you know you are perfect for the job, if it doesn’t come through in the interview then you may be out of luck.

Not everyone is one of those “Type A” personalities that instantly develops a rapport with the people they meet, makes people laugh, and seems totally at-ease in the interview situation, but unfortunately for those in the “Type B” category, the interview carries a lot of weight when potential employers are looking to fill a vacancy. You’ve already made it to the interview – your foot is in the door – but if you can’t get people to warm up to you, then it may be for nought.

It’s frustrating, and now people are starting to question if maybe the traditional job interview should be a thing of the past. Just about everything is digital these days – your interviewers have your CV at their fingertips, can take a look at your social media accounts, can check your references in just a minute or two, so why so much emphasis on the interview portion?

Of course, potential interviewers want to know what you’re like, to know if you’re a good fit for the team. But therein lies the problem: the interview is an artificial situation, with expectations that you be splendidly groomed, unshakably articulate, unbearably charismatic. Some people can turn their charm off and on at will, while others take some time to reveal it. Is a job interview really representing how you will be as an employee?

Aptitude tests, competency tests, and other methods of demonstrating your knowledge and experience should arguably carry far more weight than how one copes in a high-pressure interview – in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces, no less. If you can apply yourself to the tasks set for you, then surely the job should be yours.

That’s why we think Instahire is the wave of the future.

Right now Instahire is targeted only toward the hospitality industry, but who knows how far our innovative system, which is designed to reward the hardest, most efficient workers among us, will go. Objectivity is the name of the game; do a great job, and your profile will show it with high ratings – and a badge or two.

instahire profile

Surely employers too can rejoice that they no longer have to “read between the lines,” as it were, in determining a potential hire’s value in a situation that may not actually indicate anything about their job performance. It’s hard to sum up a whole person with a ten-minute interview. Concrete facts about a person tell a story far more compelling than a pre-planned chat ever could.

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