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Suit Yourself with Instahire & Instapay

At Instahire we’re always talking about how we can shake up the ways that people find work and the way that employers and employees connect. We’re not shy about the fact that we feel what we have is a revolutionary idea that flips the recruitment process upside down. It all sounds very dramatic, but one thing Instahire doesn’t want to shake up is the lives of its users. We want our users’ lives to remain as simple and breezy as possible.

We feel that when it comes to the lives of our users, Instahire adds value to those extra hours between study, or between other activities – the times when you have nothing planned. In a way, Instahire’s users can make themselves “on-call,” ready to hit the road at only a few moments’ notice and get to their next job less than an hour after receiving the offer.

And for employers who use Instahire, your time is extremely valuable, and we understand that. By expediting the process with an army of employees ready at the drop of a hat, we’ll have your business concerns back on track regardless of the staffing hiccups that occur every single day in the hospitality industry.

Adding to the ease of using Instahire is our specially designed Instapay system. Instapay makes the payment process simple, reliable and fast for both parties. Done entirely through the app, the system allows payments to be made directly to a bank account, or same day payments to a nominated PayPal account. There will be no payroll headaches, and no waiting around for your hard-earned cash.

Barista jobs via Instahire

That’s instant value added to the free time that jobseekers choose to turn into earning time, and for employers that’s added time that you can use to get down to the nitty-gritty instead of organising payments.  Instapay protects everyone involved, with strong security guarding your information, non-negotiable rates, and a guarantee that jobseekers will be compensated for two hours of work, even if the job is cancelled prior to two hours elapsing.

This kind of ease – harnessing technology to connect us in mutually beneficial ways – is the way of the future, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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