Instahire Partners with Sydney’s Premiere Staffing Agency

The Instahire app is hyped to announce the details of their partnership with Sydney’s premiere hospitality and entertainment staffing provider, the Clifford Wallace Agency.

The agency’s twenty year history of supplying exceptional hospitality staff will ensure Instahire’s commitment to connecting the right staff with the right jobs. Clifford Wallace has an innate understanding of how the hospitality industry works. As Sydney’s premium hospitality staffing supplier, the agency provides staff on a short- or long-term basis in a variety of roles, including waiters, baristas, bartenders, chefs, catering assistants, kitchen hands, receptionists and concierges, AV support, and more.

Instahire’s objective is finding staff in-the-moment, on demand. To complement this, employers will also find an option to “Hire in Advance” within the app, taking them to the Clifford Wallace website. Here they can learn more about the agency’s range of top-tier services to meet their staffing needs.

Business owners may also be interested in the agency’s entertainment division, which is able to provide hosts and hostesses, promotional staff, promotional models, and more beyond the day-to-day staffing needs for which Instahire is designed.



Instahire’s bold and groundbreaking new ideas are in need of industry know-how and experience to back them up, and the Clifford Wallace Agency has got those in spades. The agency understands the dynamics of the employer-employee relationship like few other businesses.

With this partnership, tradition and innovation will converge with spectacular results. Imagine a single hub to cater to any and all staffing needs; that is what we hope to achieve with this partnership.

The Instahire app aims to, at the touch of a button, connect employers and jobseekers with ease and convenience in real time. There’s no need to rely on CVs, cover letters and interviews to find your next shift or the perfect staff.

Here’s how to find out more and keep up to date on what’s happening with Instahire:

  • Visit the Instahire website
  • Pre-register to receive a free account
  • You’ll be the first to know when Instahire is available

Instahire, which is soon to be launched on the App Store and Google Play Store,  is giving away their premium accounts free of charge if you register on their website.

For staff bookings for your next function or anything else visit the Clifford Wallace Agency web page.


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