Instahire Announces Partnership with CHEFIN’

Instahire is forming a dynamic duo with the on-demand Chef marketplace CHEFIN’.

CHEFIN’s motto is “No effin’ stressin’,” a sentiment that speaks to Instahire’s core values as well. Both Instahire and CHEFIN’ are dedicated to providing the hospitality industry with skilled service staff precisely when needed.

Established in 2015, CHEFIN’ has a two-sided structure of Hosts and Chefs, joining them together through their mutual love of food allowing the Hosts to provide their guests with a memorable high-class, restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of their homes. Like Instahire, CHEFIN’ was born in Sydney, and already has a footprint in Brisbane & Melbourne.


At Instahire, we put local Employers in direct contact with staff who have signed up to become Instahire Jobseekers. Skipping over the need for training, recruitment, and payroll, we pass on those savings to users. Anyone with a smartphone can jump onto Instahire and join in the exchange, and similarly CHEFIN’ aims to be accessible to everyone; They believe that anyone should be able to treat themselves at an affordable price and get a CHEFIN’.

Instahire waiters and CHEFIN’ chefs have already worked on several events together, taking the culinary experience of the diners to the next level.

When Instahire launches, CHEFIN’ customers will get professional & qualified wait staff from Instahire for their events.

We couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with CHEFIN’. We’ll come together and provide an innovative culinary experience that will redefine the hospitality industry.

To find out more, visit the CHEFIN’ website, or follow their stories and culinary adventure on Facebook and Instagram.

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