Launch the Hospitality Gig Economy Revolution – Download Instahire Now!

It’s finally here. After months of hard work developing, testing, and fine-tuning the app, we’re pleased to present you with Instahire. It could potentially revolutionise how jobseekers find work and employers find staff in the hospitality industry. We want to turn the job search and recruitment process upside down. We’ll let you be the judge.

The app will bring together jobseekers like waiters, baristas, bartenders, chefs, and kitchen hands with employers like restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs. With Instahire, employers can fill staffing needs in real time with skilled jobseekers ready and able to start work within an hour.

For the last few months, Instahire has been scrutinised and tested by our team and by discerning jobseekers and employers in a closed Beta test environment. The insights of real users helped us shape the app into something even more perfect, and now it’s your turn.

Instahire for Jobseekers

For jobseekers, Instahire presents a brand new alternative to scouring job listings, sending out endless amounts of meticulously written applications, attending interviews and waiting for a response.

With Instahire, there’s no need to look for work. Yes, that’s no searching – zero, nada, nil, zip, zilch! Just create your detailed jobseeker profile, and go online when you’re ready to work. Instahirers will find you and offer you work on the spot.

Say, for example you’ve just finished a huge uni assignment, and you feel like going out to celebrate. Problem is, you’re a bit broke. If you’ve got a few hours to spare, you can switch your profile online and start receiving real local work offers.

Instahire for Employers

For employers, Instahire is like a staffing assistant that’s available precisely when required. Quite often you need staff on very short notice,  and it always happens when you don’t have time to hire through traditional means.

Imagine a familiar scenario: what was expected to be a quiet day has turned into one of your busiest ever. There are customers lined up out the door, you don’t have enough staff to cope, and no one is available to step in. Start a simple search on Instahire and have someone on deck within 60 minutes.

All manner of staffing situations are no worries. Search with Instahire to instantly get in touch with readily available jobseekers in the area who have the skills you need.

Download Now!

Yes, the app is available on all iPhone and Android devices now. You can find it either on the App Store or the Google Play store. After downloading, you can rest assured that Instahire is always there when you need it, designed to suit you and make your life as breezy as possible.

For a full rundown of how Instahire works, check out our handy video guides for Jobseekers and Employers.


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