Instahire C.R.A.B,

This C.R.A.B. Knows Everything About Hiring!

This is C.R.A.B. Since he’s an aquatic (albeit very stylish) crustacean, he may not look like he knows much about hospitality, but he’ll help your hiring go swimmingly.

Whether you’re a Jobseeker hoping to grow your profile, or an Employer looking for the best staff out there to hire, C.R.A.B. is your new best friend!

Just in case you need a bit of help unpacking the different components of the all-important Jobseeker profiles on Instahire, C.R.A.B. has an easy way to remember what to look out for.


It sounds complicated, but if we take a look at each part of C.R.A.B. in detail, it’ll be much simpler.


Certifications are possibly the most important part of the profile. They let Employers know that Jobseekers are legally able to do the jobs they’ve got listed on their profile. Things like RSA certifications, Working with Children checks, Food Handling Certificates, and just about any other required documentation can be uploaded and verified by our team. We also verify desirable but non-essential certifications like those from barista training courses.

screen-shot-2017-06-16-at-15-48-29 Ratings are super important too. They let Employers determine what other Employers (including from previous jobs not done through Instahire!) think of the Jobseeker. Ratings are separated across various skills (like plate handling and coffee making) and attributes (like cleanliness and punctuality), which gives a clear picture of who the Jobseeker is and how they work.


ABN (Australian Business Numberis optional, but it is an important tool for Employers. It lets them know what options they have for paying through Instahire. If they wish, Jobseekers can sign up for an ABN for free and instantly. Once they list that ABN on their profile, Employers can have no worries about paying the Jobseeker through the in-app Instapay system.

If there is no ABN, the Employer may wish to consider using the Direct Pay option and paying the Jobseeker directly. The payment method in this case is entirely up to the Employer. Like Certifications, ABNs are verified by the Instahire team.


Badges, along with Ratings, help Jobseeker profiles grow. For many, the first badge they will get is the Professional Badge, meaning that they have chosen the Professional account to have their certifications and documents verified. Others will get the Rookie Badge first when they’re successfully Instahired for the first time. Collecting Badges lets Employers know which Jobseekers are the most serious, and which Jobseekers know the ropes better than anyone.

At Instahire we take pride in helping to bring out the best out of every one of our Instahirees. Simplicity makes it easier to interpret individual’s strengths and merits. Importantly, Employers are empowered to make an accurate and quick decision on the spot making Instahire the fastest hiring platform available in Australia!

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