Do What You Do Best and Define Your Own Success

How do you define success? The popular definition of success is wealth, fame, material belongings. But perhaps if you choose for yourself what it means to be successful, you’ll find it’s much more achievable than you may have thought.

What do you do best?

Everyone has something that they do really well, though arguably we tend to overlook these things because they’re not glamorous or highly regarded or even that unique. Say, for example, you’re a waiter at  a restaurant who has memorised an entire menu and wine list right down to the prices. It’s something that helps you stand out and makes you great at what you do.

Make it known!

Often we feel that we shouldn’t talk about the things we do well. That would be bragging. But in a world where everything – especially jobs – has become highly competitive and we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, why shouldn’t we be proud of the ways in which we stand out?

If you’re great at something and you know you’re great at it, then don’t keep it a secret.



Recognition from peers

Maybe part of the problem is that we aren’t given the recognition we deserve by others when we do a great job. It’s more or less a given that morale increases when we receive compliments or rewards for doing our very best. A compliment from a peer is its own reward, making us feel valuable and, yes, successful.

Chase that employee of the month title, chase that five-star feedback from your boss, chase that compliment from a regular customer, and don’t feel bad about it.

Succeed on your terms

Success doesn’t have to be a life of luxury without a care in the world (as if that’s even possible). If you feel that you are successful at doing something you are passionate about, then why shouldn’t you be proud of that? Sell yourself on all the great attributes you have, and others are sure to buy it.

Arguably, success is knowing what you can do and doing your absolute best at it. Just as it feels good to have other people recognise when you do well, it feels good to let yourself recognise it too. Succeeding can be a very simple thing.

You’re already a star!

So find what you do best and flaunt it. With the right attitude and the right amount of enthusiasm, you have all the potential to be a star in your field.  Don’t let anyone else’s idea of success stop you from believing that what you’re doing is valuable.

It’s your life, and you deserve to love it.



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