Our Lucky Winner is Jetting Off!

When Instahire was just starting out, we decided that one of our early supporters would win a holiday on us. We finally had the opportunity to meet the lucky winner Ulrike, and had a chat with her. She told us about the amazing possibilities that drew her to the app as a regular traveler, and what she plans to do with her $700 return flights.

Ulrike stumbled upon Instahire by chance, and she says at the time she had no idea that pre-registering was such a great move. She explained to us that she “just wanted to get involved” with what she saw as a great idea for an app.

Her utter surprise when we informed her that she won our competition is proof!

Ulrike is a hospitality professional through and through, currently working two jobs at restaurants in Paddington and Bondi. She’s precisely the user we had in mind when Instahire came to be – someone with great skill, knowledge and passion for the industry.


Instahire, she explained, is a great way for her to supplement her income in the daytime when she usually has a few spare hours. Alternatively, using the app and getting Instahired by local businesses can tide her over while she looks for more stable work.

Originally hailing from Germany, Ulrike has been on what she calls a “journey” since she left her home country in late 2015. She travels a lot, and knows exactly what it’s like to be in a strange, new country and looking for work.

She’s very keen on the idea that Instahire could one day be a go-to app around the world for travelers like her to find work straight away without having to submit applications or go to an agency. That’s one less border for expats like Ulrike to leap over in their travels.

With her prize, Ulrike has said that she will probably  go to New Zealand, because surprisingly she has never been there. We’re very glad that we could help Ulrike make the most of her travel bug. More importantly, we’re excited to be able to help make life a little bit easier with Instahire.

Gute Reise, Ulrike!

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