Instahire Hits Its First 100!

Watching Instahire grow since launch has been extremely exciting for us. Each day we watch the numbers expand.

We want to share our excitement with you, but let’s be honest,  numbers are pretty boring, right? Instead we’ll focus on one milestone number that’s particularly exciting.

In July, Instahire hit a record. We saw 100 hundred jobseekers online at once!

Imagine – Sydney businesses can choose from 100 candidates ready to start work at the touch of a button.

What does that mean?

What this number means is that each Employer who searched for staff had potentially 100 different instahire candidates to choose from to meet their urgent staffing needs.

When a jobseeker is online, it means that they are waiting to be hired. Employers can connect with and potentially  instahire any of the online jobseekers at their leisure – As long as they accept the Instahire conditions like the payment rate and the work hours. Instahire advises to follow the state minimum wage legislation although it’s up to the instahiree and employer to agree on the rate.

Just imagine, you could put up a job ad and take a couple of weeks to get 100 responses, whereas a simple search on Instahire can deliver the results instantly. Yes, that’s a minimal effort, maximum returns, in a time frame that’s just a fraction of how long a traditional job search could take!

“…when you find yourself short of staff, you’ll know exactly where to find them.”

How many jobseekers are out there?

Right now we have around 1000 jobseekers registered. So, at least 10 percent of Instahire total jobseekers have been online today. The number of registered jobseekers goes up every single day, so if this trend continues then employers will be even more spoiled for choice.

Even if you’re not currently looking for someone, log onto the app and perform a search for the kind of staff you might want to hire in the future. Swipe through the available choices and familiarise yourself with how Instahire works. Then, when you find yourself short of staff, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

What’s next?

From here, the only way is up. We’ve already had a great response from users, with a lot of word-of-mouth getting people intrigued in the Instahire app and its possibilities.

The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself. Whether you’re a jobseeker or an employer, you download and sign up for the app in the same way. Download Instahire now for FREE.



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