Play Hard and Work Smart: A Student’s Dream

Smartphones today can be considered students’ best friend. They can cater to numerous needs, whether it’s ordering clothes, food from your favourite restaurant, checking the weather, staying up to date about the world news or simply video calling your loved ones. These devices have brought almost everything at the tip of your finger – And now it can even allow you to earn some extra money whenever you require it.

Instahire provides smartphones with the missing link that can enable you to connect directly with employers.

If we put it simply, Instahire is the Tinder for the hospitality labour market, where you can find the right match to suit your work needs. Finding the perfect job is as simple as going on a date with someone you can connect with and feel comfortable around. Being offered work on your phone while sitting in your room and listening to some good music has become a reality.

Gone are the days of writing, printing and distributing CVs. Now with Instahire you can be assured of a hassle free and quick job search experience.

Simply create your profile, go online when you are available to work, get Instahired according to your availability and start earning within 60 minutes.

Your commitment to their university and extracurricular activities may act as a barrier to finding part time jobs to support yourself. You may find yourself desperate and working jobs that don’t interest you. We feel that students should enjoy their life at university to the fullest.  It is the time when you have become an adult and are finally independent and able to learn and explore your surroundings with a lot of freedom.


You’ve been told by many people that university is the best time of anyone’s life and you don’t want to miss out on these wonderful moments that you have waited long to create. That’s why our idea is simple; to provide you with all the flexibility and convenience to find jobs and earn a bit of extra cash when you are free. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose to work only jobs that suit you, so that you feel comfortable and confident in your work environment.

We not only aid you in seeking jobs but also takes care of all your payments. Our integration with PayPal facilitates same day payments. We also help in keeping a check of the number of hours you have worked, receive invaluable feedback from employers, and get rated for your job and skills on your Instahire profile. Work and watch your profile turn into a brand itself within Instahire!

At university, plans can be made within a blink of an eye and you want be a part of it without work unnecessarily getting in the way. Instahire can solve this dilemma for you – Plan your work after you plan your fun. There is never an obligation to work unless you have accepted the job.

Instahire is completely free to try out for yourself. Download Instahire now and let jobs come to you.

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