Money Matters: Bringing Instapayments to Light

Unless you are using instahire already you20171004_101856 may have heard of an efficient and reliable payments system called InstapayAre you wondering how Instahire’s payment system works? Let’s take a look at the financial side of the service.

Well its easy really! And definitely secure . It all starts when you add your Paypal or Bank details on the Instahire app. 

How to pay with Instahire?

Apart from instapay eliminating the need for payroll, timesheets or rostering, employers have less stress for the following reasons :

    • Thanks to our geo-location feature, staff will only be allowed to sign in upon arrival at your workplace location. Instahire will send you a confirmation request enabling you to start the shift.screenshot_20171013-161009
    • All our instapay payments take place through the app upon completion of  the shift and appears in staff’s account on the Thursdays of the following week.
    • To ensure there’s a sufficient balance on your credit card to pay for an instahire job , instapay does “freeze” the amount for wage payable + two hours just in case covering for any job extension. If the shift takes place as planned, the employer’s account gets charged as normal. And in the unlikely event of cancellation, the frozen amount is unlocked automatically.
    • Payments are transferred through Stripe or PayPal which allows transactions to take place over the internet by focusing on state-of-the-art fraud prevention in online payment systems. Be rest assured that the transactions are secure.
    • Should the employee fail to show up time or does not fulfil his/her commitment, you will be able to cancel the job and will not be charged. Cancellations occur rarely and if they do, the jobseeker gets a penalty impacting on the profile reputation. Every jobseeker gets an SMS reminding of the job 24 hrs and 3 hrs prior to Instahire job start.


How to get paid with Instahire?

The following points are what we feel that our jobseekers should be aware of in order to make informed decisions


  • Whilst waiting for your next instahire gig, you will be able to see average rates being offered at that moment on the panel just above the feed screen.
  • After you complete your job, from your feed check the vacancy detail screen to see the wage amount that you are entitled to receive.  Payments are made on Thursday every week!


  •  Got your job cancelled? Chillax as you’re covered by Instapay Guarantee (link to blog post about instapay guarantee) which entitles you to get paid a minimum pay of  2 hours.
  • In case your employer needs for more than the time specified, Instapay has gotscreenshot_20171004-102627 your back, so you can continue your work up to 2 hours extra on the same booking!
  • Do keep in mind that you will only be able to start your shift only when you are in a 100m radius of your workplace. Swipe right when the button becomes yellow, wait for the employer to confirm, and start working!
  • Please note that Instahire does charge a small 10% fee on every payment transaction as the service fee. This  helps our business alive and allow to grow it giving you more work opportunities.

At instahire we understand the payment security is paramount and thus are partnered with the worlds leading online payment processing platforms like PayPal and Stripe. The programming code structure allows for all the necessary measures in place to ensure everything runs smoothly and our users get the Instapay 100% payment service satisfaction.

We hope this covers the Instapay payment system. However feel free to contact us for any further questions. Instahire ❤️ your feedback.

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