The Problem with Resumes: Five Common Mistakes

Many jobseekers forget the crucial first step in the process of job search- preparing resumes. Job application is the first the point of contact with their prospective employers. It is important to understand that your CV can either lead you to getting your job or can impede you from it. The jobseekers make some common mistakes that further delay the decision-making process. We have listed 5 common mistakes made by candidates while applying for jobs. You value your time, and so do we!

  1. Unreadable Resumes. It is a dilemma for jobseekers to make the right sized CVs that they feel the employers would appreciate. There are always CVs that are either too thinned out or so mushed together that it is no longer readable. They lack the clarity that employers want to see in the application. It then becomes the job of the employer to find the traits they need in their candidates’ CVs. This involves a lot of time on the part of employers in figuring out if the candidate is fit for the job. Tailoring qualifications in accordance with the requirement of the job is thus important.
  2. Spelling and Grammar mistakes. There are often CVs which have various spelling and grammar mistakes which can leave a bad first impression on employers. Certain mistakes may not catch the eye of the jobseeker even while proof-reading. This can result in the application not being considered for the job position. It is always better to start writing CV’s with ample time before one applies for jobs and getting it proof-read by colleagues, friends or career advisors.
  3. Failing to Include Important Details. It is a fact that there are a lot of international students searching for jobs for the first time. As a fact, they may not include important information such as their duration of stay in their resumes. This is then only discovered later in the process which affects the initial decisions of the employers. International students at times send in CV’s that they used in their respective home countries without editing them. This makes the contact details irrelevant in the country of study.
  4. Addressing the Wrong Person. Cover letters are usually kept constant and only require change in the name of the company. However, candidates attimes forget to make necessary changes, causing employers to completely lose interest in the applicant. To avoid careless mistakes, double checking all details and tailoring it accordingly is therefore necessary before sending in an application. Otherwise, all the time and effort put into the application is wasted.
  5. Applying if you are Underqualified. People’s hope of getting a job increases the workload of the employers unnecessarily since a lot of applicants even though underqualified apply for certain jobs that would not get in any case. This delays the decision-making process and wastes a lot of time that could have been used efficiently to work on other tasks.



Any kind of mistake, small or big, common or uncommon can create problems for others.

Instahire understands these problems and aims at hence eliminates the need for CVs. Jobseekers create their profiles on the app instead creating resumes. This saves a lot of time since the above mistakes are avoided; the employers only get relevant information that they seek such as previous work history, skill ratings of candidates and the feedback from previous instahirers on every employees’ profile.


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