Instahire Just Got Better – Instant Job Offers and Effortless Scheduling

Since Instahire launched in May, we’ve seen a huge number of employers take advantage of the app’s ability to find staff for immediate start. If you wish to find someone on a whim  Instahire is the only app that allows you to hire staff starting the as soon as one hour’s time.

This instant hire concept works great in principle but we couldn’t ignore the growing demand from employers asking about hiring staff for jobs for up to a week ahead. This is when you know there’s a big day like Melbourne Cup coming. Now, if you need extra hands on deck, how do you find them?

That’s why we created the Instahire in Advance feature. Employers can still find staff at a moment’s notice, but if you’ve got a planned event coming up, then we’ve got you covered. Hire one or multiple staff for up to six days in advance for important jobs and busy times, keeping track of scheduled vacancies, and when the time comes you can pay with the easy-to-use, automated Instapay payment system that you already know and love.

Jobseekers can now plan their busy schedule more effectively and apply for upcoming jobs at the touch of a button. It’s the easiest way to find work!


  1. Tap on the Search tab (magnifying glass icon). From here you can set search parameters like type of staff, job address, hourly rate, date and time. Press Search button to create a vacancy.image-uploaded-from-ios
  2. Now, all matching jobseekers (whether they are currently online or not) have been notified of the vacancy, and they can choose to apply.
  3. At the same time, use the map  to actively look through the matches, shortlist and contact the candidates you like best. This vacancy will remain open for 24 hours, allowing jobseekers to apply during that period, unless you choose to end the search and close the vacancyimage-uploaded-from-ios-11
  4. Check your Feed Screen for new applications and discuss the details with contacted candidates. Happy with the staff? Invite them to the instahire job.
  5. That’s it until the shift rolls around. You can view multiple vacancies and the staff you’ve connected with on the connection screenc2086fa1-88f3-484b-a985-20027cc80b08
  6. When your new staff member arrives, they will clock on through the app. Approve their start and get to work!
  7. Clock off at the end of the shift, and if you’re using Instapay to pay via credit card or PayPal, then everything is sorted for you
  8. Repeat whenever you need help from skilled, local staff

It’s like rostering and payroll in one, all taken care of through your phone.


  1. When employer search matches your profile parameters, you will receive a notification and be invited to Apply for the instahire vacancynotification-lock-screen
  2. Check the new “Vacancies” screen to view the details of the job. If successful you will be shortlisted for the Instahire and contacted by the employer directly via a real-time connection.
  3. Happy with terms? Tap Apply. Check with the employer what uniform and equipment you need for the job and get ready to arrive on time (standard formal uniform is white business shirt, black polished shoes, pants, vest and tie. You may also need a silver tray and a bottle opener).vacancy-screen
  4. Check the “Connection” screen for vacancy details at any time. This way you can keep track of the jobs in the pipeline, and of course make sure you arrive on time!screenshot_20171107-133305
  5. When you arrive, starting your Instahire shift is a easy as swiping right to clock in, notifying the employer to approve your start time via the app. Please remember to start your Instahire to ensure you’re paid fairly for your shift.
  6. Upon completing your shift, the employer will clock you off and you will instantly see the exact amount you’re getting paid through the instahire app. Every payment  takes a 10% Instapay charge to keep the app running. Instahire pay is processed on every Thursday of the following week.

Instahire takes all the hassle out of writing CV’s , finding and applying for jobs at rates and times that suit you. It allows you to find instahires wherever you are in Australia. Remarkably, Instahire does it all for you!


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