Where Can You Turn When You Need Staff Now?


Got last minute staffing issues on a busy night? Oh yeah, Instahire feels your pain! Read on and see how Sydney hospitality company Chefin’ used Instahire to find the solution to sourcing rated and verified hospitality staff in a snap!   

The Chefin’ Experience

Meet Petko, dynamic owner of the hospitality start-up Chefin’. Petko and his partner created Chefin’ with one awesome goal in mind – connecting amazing and experienced chefs with his customers to create unique catering opportunities for private dinner parties, events and corporate functions.

Petko Petkov
Petko Petkov – Chefin’ Founder

Chefin’ provides a platform for people who love food to try different cuisines and really get to know their Chef during a tailored social dining experience. This is catering at it’s best, up close and personal. The Chefin’ experience provides the whole shebang, including waiters and event staff to round out the service.

The company has been growing steadily, but as everyone in hospitality knows, that can present a whole new set of challenges. For Petko, things were hotting up and that’s where Instahire came in.

The Chefin’ Challenge

So how do you make sure you get the best hospitality staff where you need them when you need them? It’s the age-old hospitality question. Petko started off sourcing his hospitality staff via recommendations from friends in the industry and other chefs. It worked to begin with but with business booming, the recommendations started to dry up and he didn’t have enough referrals to cover his needs. Not only that, managing them, texting them and paying them was one more thing to worry about.

Petko needed help and he needed it bad!

He needed an ongoing supply of hospitality staff who were consistent in skill level and customer service.  Finding casual staff was no exception.  Nice problem to have for sure but one that needed solving quick smart!

Romanticizing at a blind-tasting dinner experience from Chefin’


Crossing paths with a mate who told him about Instahire, Petko figured he might just have found a solution to the staffing challenges Chefin’ was facing. Petko seriously wanted to feel like he could trust that the catering assistants, bar staff and the wait staff he was hiring would deliver the high standard of performance expected by his clientele.

His mate told him about Instahire’s rating and profiling system and it looked like it might be the answer. Plus, Instahire would let him see hospitality staff available with the skills required for each job and who are available within the job geographical area.



Instahire and Chefin' Teams

The Instahire & Chefin’ teams attending StartCon 2017

Petko liked what he heard. The fact that the app offered him the chance to pre-book staff six days in advance but if he needed someone at the last minute he could do that too was a major bonus.

Better still, free of hefty agency fees, Instahire felt pretty friendly to the small business finances.

For an on-demand business like Chefin’, having staff always available was a must and it looked like Instahire would be the perfect option.

The Instahire Solution

One mega frantic week Petko had to find wait staff at short notice plus he had to allocate them to a number of jobs for new clients located all over Sydney. He decided  to give Instahire a go and downloaded the app. He plugged where and what the jobs were into the search and sure enough, there were waiters online waiting to start work at short notice. Just a tap of the screen and he hired them – simple as that! The jobs were completed, the feedback  was great, the clients were satisfied, the waiters loved the gigs and Petko was a happy man.


Citizen Wolf Pop-Up Store Opening Night Cocktail Party


Since that initial trial, Chefin’ has continued to hire casual workers through Instahire on the yearly plan subscription at $41/mo making full use of the app’s handy features including:

  • Unlimited searches and contacts
  • Instant search and hire feature
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Real-time chat and call feature
  • Ratings & feedback
  • Instapay payment system
  • Weekly payment reports

Petko reckons the app has grown into an integral partner in the delivery of Chefin’s high quality services.

“The sharing economy is incredibly powerful. It enables businesses to exist, grow, success – the businesses of tomorrow,” said Petko, “My startup CHEFIN’ is one of these businesses, and without the partnerships we have with other startups it would not have been possible for us to be where we are today.

“InstaHire has enabled us to grow our business from the need to hire 1 waitstaff a month to 3 a day. We have the ability to control who we work with, how much we pay, when we need staff, what type of staff, etc. It all happens in minutes if not seconds”.

Powered by my iPhone I can accept client bookings and organise hospitality staff to deliver the CHEFIN Experience needed.”

How Much Was Saved?

Instahire is hands down one of the fastest ways to source hospitality staff. With an average hiring time of around 15 minutes, it even beats the old frantic trusty staff ring around which comes in at around 60 minutes time needed to hire one last minute staff member.

Petko also loves the savings he makes in real dollar terms. With a total hires value on Instahire so far of around $8,000, he has worked out that he’s made savings of 30-40% on total labour costs including agency fees.

With Instahire, businesses like Chefin’ can be spoiled  for choice when it comes to great staff ready to fill vacant roles with at least 4 workers responding to each listing.  It’s a hospo business dream come true.

Find hospitality staff where YOU need them, when YOU need them. Check it out for yourself! Available now on AppStore and Google Play.

ACYPI Forum attendees were certainly well fed and looked after by Chefin’ & Instahire teams.




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