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The Problem with Resumes: Five Common Mistakes

Many jobseekers forget the crucial first step in the process of job search- preparing resumes. Job application is the first the point of contact with their prospective employers. It is important to understand that your CV can either lead you to getting your job or can impede you from it. The jobseekers make some common mistakes that further delay the decision-making process. We have listed 5 common mistakes made by candidates while applying for jobs. You value your time, and so do we!

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Hire Staff Now: 3 Easy Steps

Instahire is completely different to other recruitment platforms, so leave your expectations at the door. We promise it’s easier to use than anything else!

The app is designed for those moments when you need someone now. When you don’t have time to post a job ad, wait for applications, interview the best candidates, and make your choice.

Instahire happens NOW. To fill you in on how easy it is to find and hire staff on the spot, we’ve put together a handy video guide.

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