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Four Ways For Employers to Use Instahire

We’ve designed Instahire to give you – the employers – as much flexibility as you will ever need. With our understanding of the hospitality industry, we’ve designed every feature of the app for you to use your way. We just want to make your job easier when it comes to hiring, no matter what you need. So here are the four of the main ways that you can use Instahire to make your life easier.

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How to Create the Perfect Job Seeker Profile

For a jobseeker on Instahire, the profile is everything. It’s your first point of contact for every potential employer, and it’s responsible for putting your best foot forward to find the perfect jobs for you. The jobseeker profile gives you the ability to finely control how potential employers see you and greatly increase the chance that they will see you as the perfect candidate for their last-minute staffing needs.

Get Verified

Verification is as simple as uploading identifying documents, and you will get a shiny badge for your profile, meaning that we know who you are and we trust you.

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Five Signs of a Great Employee

When you’ve got a great employee, it can be hard to let them go, but as they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Look out for these attributes, and your business will be going swimmingly in no time.


The most basic attribute a good employee needs? The have to want to work. Just about everyone has a story about staff members who did everything that they could do to avoid doing any actual work. The best employees have a drive to be in the workplace and to be busy. We think any jobseeker who signs up to Instahire checks this box automatically.

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