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Instahire C.R.A.B,

This C.R.A.B. Knows Everything About Hiring!

This is C.R.A.B. Since he’s an aquatic (albeit very stylish) crustacean, he may not look like he knows much about hospitality, but he’ll help your hiring go swimmingly.

Whether you’re a Jobseeker hoping to grow your profile, or an Employer looking for the best staff out there to hire, C.R.A.B. is your new best friend!

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Big Bucks or Flexibility – Which Would You Prefer?

If faced with the choice, would you rather a raise in pay, or the opportunity to choose when you work? In an ideal world, you could have both. As you well know, though, ideals don’t often line up with reality.

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How Did We Get Here: The Revealing History of the Job Hunt

Just about anyone below the age of thirty who’s been through the job search wringer knows how much things have changed. It’s tough, and it’s competitive, and you’ll nearly always have a chorus of dissenters telling you how easy it was in their day – just go in and shake the manager’s hand, give them your CV, and you’ll be sorted.

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Where You Stand with Instahire

The job market is slowly seeing a shift take place. It’s a gradual but seismic transformation that in the next decade or so will see the expected norm of a “steady job” eroded and replaced with a new, more flexible, more convenient model of earning and employer-employee relationships.

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Suit Yourself with Instahire & Instapay

At Instahire we’re always talking about how we can shake up the ways that people find work and the way that employers and employees connect. We’re not shy about the fact that we feel what we have is a revolutionary idea that flips the recruitment process upside down. It all sounds very dramatic, but one thing Instahire doesn’t want to shake up is the lives of its users. We want our users’ lives to remain as simple and breezy as possible.

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Job Interviews: Who Needs Them?

How many times have you applied for a job, knowing that you had all the skills, all the experience, all the know-how to do the job with flying colours, only to have all that confidence fade away when it comes to the interview? The interview is your final step to employment, and potential employers take it very seriously.

But should they?

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How to Create the Perfect Job Seeker Profile

For a jobseeker on Instahire, the profile is everything. It’s your first point of contact for every potential employer, and it’s responsible for putting your best foot forward to find the perfect jobs for you. The jobseeker profile gives you the ability to finely control how potential employers see you and greatly increase the chance that they will see you as the perfect candidate for their last-minute staffing needs.

Get Verified

Verification is as simple as uploading identifying documents, and you will get a shiny badge for your profile, meaning that we know who you are and we trust you.

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How Technology Connects Us

Everything is changing around us – anyone can see that. In particular, the ways in which we communicate have revolutionised in a very tiny span of time. Watch any twenty-year-old sitcom and you’ll see characters grapple with miscommunications and missed connections. If the story were set nowadays it would end with a simple text message, a Facebook message, or a tweet. No drama, just a friendly ringtone or vibration.

This isn’t a new observation, but what is interesting is taking a look at the areas of our lives that are still yet to change and adapt to our new expectations around connecting with each other.

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The Most Frustrating Things About Job Hunting

Just about everyone knows the frustration that comes with searching for a job – the effort you go to to perfect your application, the desperation that sets in when nothing seems to be happening. It’s the worst. We’ve listed some of the most frustrating parts of any job search, and the ways in which Instahire rectifies them.

Vague Job Ads 

You don’t expect employers to give away their biggest business secrets in a job ad, but why do so many of them skimp on the details? The worst offenders use meaningless buzzwords instead of an actual description of the job, leaving you wondering what you’re actually applying for. With Instahire, everything is right up front so there are no surprises.

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