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Work-Life Balance: How to Get Your Share

“Work-life balance” is a phrase you’ve probably heard a lot. It’s interesting to consider what the phrase means to you. How does your work and the hours you work impact the rest of your life? Your hobbies, your social life, your precious Doing Nothing Time.

Work is a necessary and very big part of life, but it’s a necessity that might detract from other areas of your life. The whole idea of “work-life balance” is that you work enough to sustain yourself, but not so much that it takes up all your time.

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Big Bucks or Flexibility – Which Would You Prefer?

If faced with the choice, would you rather a raise in pay, or the opportunity to choose when you work? In an ideal world, you could have both. As you well know, though, ideals don’t often line up with reality.

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Ways to Love Your Work

For all but a very small percentage of the population, work is a necessity. We work to live, but we don’t live to work. It’s not possible to enjoy every moment of earning your livelihood, but there are a few things – even just small shifts in perspective – that can make your work life much rosier.

At Instahire, our goal is to make work life better for both employees and employers. Some people are living “do what you love” lives, others are living “do what you have to do” lives, but we’re hoping to help close the gap between those two categories. We think a large part of loving your work is being able to connect with it, and then disconnect when the time comes.

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